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The purpose of Rotary eClub One of Victoria Isalnd East to extend Rotary to business, professional and community leaders in any Rotary District who are unable to meet traditional attendance requirements.
Inability to attend a traditional Rotary club could be the result of demanding business or professional commitments, extensive travel, confinement due to ill health or disability, or residence beyond reasonable distance from an existing Rotary club.
To be a member of the RotaryVIEAST eClub One means…
  1. You live or do business in ANY Rotary District in any country of the Rotary world.
  2. You are a contributor to society in your profession, occupation, industry, business, or community role.
  3. You are committed to the personal ethic of Service Above Self, The Four-Way Test, and support the Object of Rotary.
  4. You are willing to participate regularly in the Rotary eClub One community and, as appropriate and feasible, you are willing to accept tasks and responsibilities. Rotary International guidelines state that you must attend at least 2 meetings a month. Since we do not have any regular meetings, you are asked to participate in the weekly forums at least twice a month. Our club secretary will send out a forum announcement each week with a link to the page.
  5. You accept that all club programs, forums, business, and communications are conducted in English.
  6. You are willing to make financial contributions to support club projects, the District Foundation and The Rotary Foundation.
  7. You are prepared to pay current dues of US$100/36000Naira/quarter to support the operating costs of Rotary International, Rotary  VIEAST  and Rotary eClub One. New Generation members and those who are former Rotaractors are on a separate dues structure.
  8. You accept that, for the purpose of Rotary administration, you will be considered a member in good standing of VIEAST , although residing in a State or Province of your own country.
  9. You have regular access to the Internet and are willing to acquire the necessary skills to participate in the activities of Rotary eClub One VIEAST .
  10. You must report service and meeting hours each month. The minimum requirement is 12 hours per quarter which is equivalent to 1 hour per week. Our club secretary sends an email reminder each month with a link to the report service and meetings page.
  11. You are to never allow anyone to enter the Online Club House either by giving your password or sharing your computer. This would breach the confidentiality laws IN Nigeria & Many  countries.
  12. You agree to open a MyRotary account [] upon admission to the Club.

Membership in Rotary eClub One is not an “easy” option. Requirements for admission to any Rotary club are stringent. For current Rotarians, Rotary eClub One adds additional requirements including, written references from club president, and three (3) current Rotarians who will vouch for the applicant. Our rigorous screening of applicants is a necessary first step to ensure excellence.


Do you believe these membership requirements can be part of your future? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please fill out the application below. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted appropriately.


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